Thursday, February 03, 2005

astounded but not speechless: 5:07pm on the 11th floor

This will be short, and probably only moderately sweet. I just witnessed this conversation from the intellectual island that is my desk.

Worker A: "... 'na na na another one bites the dust'. You remember that song?"
Worker B: "Yeah, I remember that."
Worker A: "That's how old I am, I remember all the good music. Aerosmith, baby!"
Worker B: "That was Aerosmith? See, I didn't even know that."
Worker A: "Na.. that wasn't Aerosmith, but that was the same era. ...Mick Jagger, Aerosmith..."
Worker B: "Yeah."
Worker A: "That's how old I am."
Worker B: "So who sang that song?"
Worker A: "You know, it was.... uhh.... "
Worker C: "Queen."
Worker A: "Yeah, it was Queen."
Worker B: "Oh."
Worker A: "Remember that with Queen? The guy announces that he has AIDS, and the next day he's dead."
Worker C: "No, he was sick."
Worker A: "Yeah, he had AIDS, and he announced it, and the next day he died."
Worker C: "No... he died because he was sick..."
Worker A: "Right. He had AIDS. He announced it, and then he died the next day."
Worker C: "Oh."

I need soundproofed cubicle walls.