Friday, December 24, 2004

poetry submission

I just found this poem amidst my apartment's post-move rubble. I tried and failed to write a decent poem yesterday at lunch, and it reminded me that this was the last one that I wrote that was worth a damn. I wrote this a couple months ago. The theme matches the current title of the blog (go figure... it's a theme for me right now)... in the case that you're reading this in the future and that's no longer the case, it means that I changed the blog's title.... yes, I have the great power to do that.

This poem was written to be a contextual bridge between a couple songs in the middle of my fourth album... to bring ease to a thematic transition. If you check out my musical website right now, you'll find the information to be terribly outdated... hopefully if you're reading this in the future, that comment will be outdated as well. My poems don't have titles. If you want to call it something, call it 'second poem appearing in the album 'From the Center' which is meant to serve as a contextual bridge between two songs to bring ease to a thematic transition'.
break into me

so many questions and possibilities
so many avenues leading to unknown destinations
how can one decide when even the goal is left to chance?
how can one be true to himself when truth is the illusion
these things separate and bind
and I am held together by a loose sense of expectation
weaving into each direction
and sending back to the center
pattern of chaos, sanctioned oblivion,
-choice and destiny
we say the heart knows
and can somehow find its way
such hopeful reasoning seeks to soothe the mind
but hope is a counter to a deeper hopelessness
for the heart knows that there is no way to be found
each day's attempt to snatch up life's hidden purpose
leaves these hands scarred and worn
but always empty