Saturday, January 22, 2005

come quick kids, it's snowing!

It's snowing right now; we're supposed to get a foot this weekend. As I sit here writing this, I have so many layers of clothes on that I'm concerned for my circulation. The radiator's on full blast, but so is everyone else's... meaning that we're competing for the steam that powers them.

I think something's wrong with my windows. I know that windows are horrible inventions that leak the cold in through the glass, but I think that that there's a bit of a gap between my windows and the frames that they slide through... I think there's a slight draft of outside air leaking in. For the record, these windows are taller than I am. "Haha.. you're short though!"... Clever.. regardless of how tall I am, the fact remains that my apartment needs more brick and less glass. I'm indoors and yet I'm freezing my ass off.

The snow outside is 'sticking'; I just learned this word. When snow 'sticks', it means that when it hits the ground, it remains as snow, rather than melting because of the warmth of the ground. This means that right now, even the earth itself is conspiring against me... the ground has very few jobs that I expect of it, but one such job is to provide enough warmth to clear a fucking path for me to walk through. Everyone and everything is slacking right now.

I'm wearing two pairs of socks right now, and my toes are still cold. I'd be wearing gloves too, but I need to be able to type.

"Rand, you're lucky... I've never even seen the snow.. I envy you." Funny, I envy you... well.. I envy the fact that you've never had to see snow... I don't in any way envy your stupidity in wanting to.

I've been skiing for as long as I can remember... I probably started when I was five or six years old. The last time I skied was in high school. Yes, I enjoy skiing, but I hate the cold. Finally, I made the decision that my hate for the cold outweighed the enjoyment of skiing... a wise decision.. I never question it. I'm sure as fuck not questioning it now.

"Snow's fun, man... there's gotta be a kid in you somewhere." Grow up, you moron. You throw your snowballs... I'll throw a rock. We'll see who wins that one.

This isn't my first 'real winter'; I also lived in Boston for two years. The winter has a magical effect on me though... every time's like the first time. Hell, every day's like the first god-forsaken day. I'm purposefully not looking at the calendar right now... I don't even want to know how long this shit's going to last.

"God, Rand... you're so negative. Are we going to have to hear this all winter long?" You wanted to see the snow... I'm just making sure that you get a chance to see it through my eyes. Take a good fucking look.