Wednesday, January 19, 2005

a fairly useless announcement

Since I'm totally slacking off today with my writing, I might as well fill in some space and mention the shit that I added recently to the webpage. If you'll bring your eyes to the right of the screen, you'll notice a link to a guestbook and one that says 'tell a friend'. The guestbook thing is pretty self-explanatory. The 'tell a friend' thing contains pre-designed emails that you can use to invite your friends to visit the page. This thing has been up for over a month, and right now, the counter is at 1108... fucking pathetic. This means that you guys are slacking off.. which means that I have to start getting violent. One of these days soon, I'll put up a way to send me anonymous emails... and very soon, I'll start filling in the links section. This is your money hard at work... you better start making use of it.