Monday, March 21, 2005

daddy's little girl: perspective #1

Mike internalized his thoughts on the situation as he followed his partner up the steps.

"I'm not so wild about doing this, Trev."
"Just let me handle it."
"No.... she should hear it from a friend."

Mike knew Trevor's lack of a response as a response of its own. This was a hard situation; the job often crossed over into personal relationships. Mike had known Meg since grade school, and although they didn't speak often, he had always considered her a friend. He hoped that she'd still think the same of him after today.

After Trevor knocked on the door, both he and Mike instinctually rested their right hands on their holstered guns. Catching a glimpse of how threatening his partner looked in that stance, Mike quickly let his hand fall loose to his side, not knowing what else to do with it. He was there as a cop, but was also a friend. He put an awkward smile on his face in preparation for the door opening, but a stern look from his partner reminded him that this was a serious situation. He again wore a commanding face, but his hand remained hanging at his side. The door then opened, and a familiar face appeared.

"Hi, Mike!" she said in a tone of cheerful surprise. "How are you..." as she realized that two uniformed policemen were standing at her door, a touch of hesitancy appeared in her voice. "What's going on?"

Mike opened his mouth to speak, but wasn't sure what to say.

Recovering for his partner, Trevor pulled the document from his pocket and offered it to the woman. "Megan Ortega, we have a warrant to search your house."

Quickly looking to Mike for guidance, she fearfully exclaimed, "Why?!"

Mike waited for Trevor to respond, but Trevor instead gave him a supportive look. "I'm sorry, Meg. Just let us in, and it'll be over soon."

As tears began to form in her eyes, she stared at Mike angrily. It pained him greatly, but the job had to be done. He looked back at her with apologetic compassion, but he wasn't sure if it came out as a smile or a frown. He found himself unable to penetrate her anger.

Seeing the situation becoming too emotional, Trevor pushed his way past Meg, into the house. Mike sighed deeply and followed him inside.