Monday, May 16, 2005

through a child's eyes #7

"Jason, it's time to go."
Ignoring his father, Jason stared at the flock of birds, as they searched the grass for scraps to eat.
"Jason... Mommy's waiting - we have to go home."
At two-years-old, Jason was barely able to speak, but was already quite stubborn. Looking at his father and pointing at the birds, he opened his mouth to protest, but didn't know the words.
His father understood just fine, but they had to leave. "No, Son, we're going home. You can murder the birds next time we come to the park."
Jason stomped his feet and started to cry, but his father couldn't be swayed. He sneered at him with all the hatred a toddler can muster and thought, "You just signed your death warrant, Fucker."