Friday, May 06, 2005

through a child's eyes #6

"Again!" cried the old man, and without thinking, Michael swung his sword with perfect form, slicing the air before him.
The man grunted in acceptance and signaled to another student, who in turn looked down the shaft of a cocked arrow, which was aimed at Michael.
Two arrows flew past Michael in succession, passing only inches from his head, but he didn't blink once.
Without expression, the man commanded, "Strike!"
It was only a split-second later that an arrow, on a path to pierce Michael's skull, was intercepted by his blade, splitting the arrow's tip, and shattering it across its length. Michael's eyes were firmly focused on his blade as the cloud of wooden dust flew past him.
Another grunt emanated from the man before he made his declaration. "You are now ready to face him."

At recess, all the children huddled around a circle that was vacant but for Michael and Jason. Normally, deadly weapons weren't allowed at school, but both boys had notes from their parents.
The fingertips of Jason's right hand rested on his father's pistol, which was thrust halfway into his pants' pocket, which today, he called his holster.
Michael eyed his opponent fiercely, and drew his sword.
"What the fuck is this?!" Jason asked. "I thought you wanted to have a duel!"
"That's right, Jason. I'm going to slice you down the middl..."
"A sword?! I told you that swords are for pussies!"
Michael squinted. "You won't be saying that for much longe..."
"God damnit, Michael - I thought I was finally going to get to use this thing!"
"Swords are awesome, and to prove it, I'm going to..."
Suddenly, with a pistol already drawn, Charlie emerged from the crowd, running toward Jason and firing.
Instinctively, Jason rolled out of the path of bullets, exposing Jenny to their wrath. Only one of her wounds was fatal, but one was enough.

Charlie was too startled by the crowd's screaming to notice Jason sneaking up on him. Suddenly feeling the pistol's barrel pressed forcefully into his ribs, Charlie froze.
Jason leaned in close to Charlie's ear, "Never draw against a professional, bitch!" He then pulled the trigger.
Some say that Charlie died an excruciating death hours later, others say that he was expelled because he didn't have a note to justify the use of firearms at school. Either way, he was never seen again.
While Charlie was writhing on the ground, clutching his gushing wound, Jason cackled and fired a shot into the air.
The crowd rushed in to congratulate the victor, while Michael swung his sword around unnoticed. Tears welled up in Michael's eyes as he screamed, "Validate me!"