Thursday, December 30, 2004


This will be a growing post, which will list all of the disclaimers that are necessary to protect myself legally and morally from anything written in other posts.

1) Under no circumstance should anyone related to me on my mother's side ever be alerted to the existence or content of this site. Some of the things presented here imply a lack of intelligence as a trait among them. If they somehow become aware of this site, it is imperative that nobody teaches any of them how to read.

2) Any suggestion that you, the reader, should kill any individual or group of people is merely that, a suggestion. I take no responsibility for anyone who you happen to kill, regardless of how pleased I am with your actions. If you do kill someone in my good name, please be sure that there is no visible link between my request for the said party's murder and the execution of that murder. Of course, I do want you to kill for me, but you should do so strictly because you want to. Even if I supply specific names and addresses of those who MUST die, anything said on my part is meant to be taken strictly as theoretical.