Friday, December 31, 2004

poetry submission

you want to know me, but only want to touch the surface
you want an explanation for who I am - an answer
but I have none to give you
you're pulling me close, yet keeping me at arm's length
on the verge of pouring out, but you restrain yourself
touching me only with your confliction
and you wonder why I'm confused
-I can't live or think that way
and pretending that I can is so exhausting

what's the difference?
I want to reach inside you and explore every detail
I want to hold you so close that any sense of distinction is blurred
like we're sharing one skin
with your thoughts running through my mind
to devour you as I'm devouring myself
-to sink even deeper into this obscure feeling
and have you drown in it with me
I'd create for us a shared oblivion
beginnings and endings that we're afraid to touch
but have to because we've gained a taste for their torment

perhaps you know how deep this can go
and perhaps that's why you keep me at bay
I wonder if you realize, as I do, that it's over