Saturday, January 01, 2005

debbie gibson!

I can't believe I missed this show... if only I had seen this poster 24 hours earlier!

Funny thing to note... she was actually going by the name 'Deborah Gibson' for a while, to show a more adult side to her newer music. Her music was serious, and she had grown beyond the pop shit that made her famous in her youth. I was thankful not to hear her newer garbage on the radio (I was already cringing every time I heard her old crap), but I guess 'Deborah' didn't do too well for herself.

Debbie's back!... in a pink tanktop, with a stuffed bra! She's "singing all her classic hits"!!! Her pink shirt has a picture of Pac Man on it, which conveniently matches the font that her name is written in... she's obviously going all out. I'll bet that if I offered her twenty bucks, she'd give me a handjob; Deborah was sophisticated, but Debbie needs the cash.