Monday, May 23, 2005


Here are the updates of my life over the last couple weeks. Brace yourself.

The city of New York doesn't want anyone passing through this 4-inch gap.

At Union Square, there were Chinese people trying to gather support against the imprisonment of practitioners of a certain type of meditation in China. They've been doing this actively since I first moved to New York. On this particular day, a Jamaican lady, with a yellow t-shirt that said 'Jews for Jesus', was preaching at them. The lady was wearing a bible on her head.

I have no desire to meet the owner of this license plate... I do have a desire to key her car though.

This is a picture of the Statue of Liberty; I didn't feel like going in closer for a better shot.

This is a picture of the calendar that's pinned up in a co-worker's cubicle... that's right, this shit is displayed in a place of business. I can see this from my desk. Now you know why I get nothing done at work.

This chick's ass looked bad enough before she caused it to bend around this pole.

There, now you know everything.