Wednesday, June 01, 2005

through a child's eyes #9

"Put my cartoon back on, Lisa!"
Lisa continued to look at the television screen while flipping through the channels. "I don't care if your parents are dead - I'm going to watch a real show."
Jason drew his pistol and cocked it. "I'm not kidding, you bitch! Turn it back now!!"
The television settled on a channel, and Lisa made herself comfortable.
Jason fired a warning shot. "The next bullet is going into your head!"
The remote fell from Lisa's hand as her body slumped over.

The judge frowned, "Does the defense have anything to add?"
Jason's lawyer rose and cleared his throat. "Your honor, the defendant only fired a single warning shot..."
"That shot punctured my daughter's heart!" Jason's aunt continued sobbing.
"..Yes, well... the defendant didn't know that a shot to the chest would be fatal. Your honor, what we have here is a simple lack of a proper education."
The judge sighed; this was a difficult case. "I'm going to let this go, but I don't want to see him in here again. Stand up, young man."
Jason was upset, but did as he was told.
"A warning shot should miss the target or at the very most be a flesh wound. The whole chest area can be very dangerous to fire at unless..."
Drawing two concealed pistols, Jason started firing at the judge, but only one bullet hit its target.

The bailiff pried the weapons from Jason's hands and quickly restrained him.
The judge started laughing. "You shot me in the arm... a mere flesh wound - the boy is free to go!"
After failing to wriggle his way free, Jason scowled at the judge and tried to foretell his death in the ancient tongue, but his words came out as gibberish.
Jason's attorney sighed at the spectacle. "The boy can't even properly curse his victim in a demonic rage - our school system is going down the tubes." Gathering his files together, he softly said, "America failed you, Son... America failed you."