Sunday, February 06, 2005

yay football

I'm just going to try to knock this thing out real fast. I have to head over to a Superbowl party, and it's already started... I just got out of the shower. They'll fill me in on whatever I missed though... "Team blah got x points on Team blah." I'm a big sports fan, so that'll translate into something meaningful.

When I was living in Canada, I went to a similar party for some big hockey game. It was the last game of the Olympics, or if there's some hockey league that pits the best American team against the best Canadian one, it may have been that. Anyway, it was the last game of whatever it was, and it was the U.S. vs. Canada... I was the only American in the room, so I was lectured for hours.

"This is hockey... Canada will crush the U.S."
"Good. I mean you guys play hockey and harvest lumber... I'd hate to see you fail at one of the two things that you're good at."
"We will CRUSH America!"
"I hope so!"

I was reading a book or something, when I was alerted to the fact that America won. They were talking shit until that very last moment, and I really wanted them to win, but when they didn't, I felt like they were looking to me for guidance. "Well, you guys still have lumber harvesting..."

After that experience, I've learned that it's fun to root for the bad guy. It's one thing to see a room full of people cheering and hugging because their team accomplished the impossible, but I've gained a taste for seeing them mope around hopelessly. I don't even know who's playing tonight, but I hope that the good guys lose. Hell, I hope that both teams lose, just so that both camps of people in the room are covered.