Friday, April 15, 2005

Frank, nuts, and a bit of wasted time

So, I need to write something right now - I've been slacking on this shit, throwing all of my time and attention into other creative projects. I've actually limited my postings to accommodate other pursuits. I was posting daily - now I'm only committing to a few solid posts a week. I take on these large creative projects, and immerse myself in them every second possible. Writing is one such project, but it's more stop and go - I want to try writing a long piece soon, but that's on hold for at least a couple weeks.

I'm in the 'cafeteria' at work right now (which doesn't serve food), and I'm listening to Frank Sinatra. "Oh, cool... Rand has good taste in music; I love the classics too!" Na, Frank Sinatra can blow me. Some asshole vendors are renting out the space in our cafeteria to peddle their wares. These fucks are selling nuts and gummy worms - wonderful. It's one thing to have five tables taken up by some shit I have no interest in buying, it's another to have some poor-assed peddler watching me write, hoping that I'll develop an appetite for gummy worms, but playing Frank Sinatra for the whole room to hear? That's fucking unacceptable.

"Rand, this post sucks." No shit - Frank Sinatra's mindless lyrics are sucking all creativity out of me. I'm glad he's dead - I wish I passed by his grave on the way home from work so that I could piss on it... it's not worth the effort of actually going out of my way to visit, but if it didn't require a detour, I'd drench it. Ideally, his descendents and some of his fans would be paying their respects to his carcass - I'd piss on them too; it's all in the hip.

Some chick just sneezed into one of the nut bins. If I had any intention of buying nuts, I'd wish a painful death upon her, but since that's not the case, I'm commending her for her idiocy. It's all about perspective - my perspective. I witness a hell of a lot of stupidity at work - nuts are more a medium for stupidity to be expressed.

One of the vendors is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and has a mustache. That's not important enough to mention, but it was mentioned regardless. None of this is important enough to mention.