Wednesday, April 13, 2005

through a child's eyes #3

When Jason was only a few months old, he woke up in the middle of the night.
"The baby's crying; we should stop."
"Just leave him alone and he'll go back to sleep."
"He'll see us having sex though."
"Whatever, I'll move his crib in the morning. I'm almost there - I'm not stopping now."
Jason found the spectacle amusing enough to cease his crying, and he was quickly forgotten.

During his afternoon feeding, Jason recalled some of what he had seen.
"What, did he bite you?"
"No, he... oohh..."
It seemed that Jason was a natural at flicking his tongue. He enjoyed the way his mother would wiggle when he did it, but was too young to understand its implications.
"What the hell's going on over there?!"
"Nothing... he's just... oooohhh..."
On that very day, Jason's father took up baby-shaking.

Six years later, Jason's schoolmates used to call him by the name 'Baby', because he was the only one among them who was still breastfed.
His mother had once read that breastfeeding children gives them stronger immune systems, and makes them more likely to be social with other children. The article didn't specify the age at which breast feeding should end, so she decided to act by the 'better safe than sorry' rule... at least in this one case.

"Jason, why did you punch Molly at school today?"
"That bitch called me a baby!"
His father frowned. "We took extra steps to give you a strong immune system and to make you social around your peers. It's bad to hit people."
Jason's mother looked at her husband and said, "I think he's just hungry."
"That's your answer for everything!"