Wednesday, April 06, 2005

through a child's eyes #2

"Jason, get in here now!"
Jason was reluctant to leave the room in the middle of the cartoon, but his father could be a real asshole when he wanted to be.
"What?! I'm busy!"
"Why is your mother lying here on the floor in a pool of her own blood?"
"A close-range sniper got her. Can I go now?"
"If you did this, you're going to be grounded."
"I didn't do shit! Why the fuck am I always to blame?"
"I'm sorry, Son. I guess I jumped to conclusions."
"No shit."

Jason was back to watching his cartoon when his father again interrupted him.
"What?! I want to see what fucking happens. Go away, you ass!"

"Son, a commercial's on. Can we talk now?"
"Make it quick."
"I'm sorry for accusing you of sniping your mother. How about we go for ice cream later?"
"Now you're talkin'!"
It was then that the close-range sniper appeared from his hiding place behind the couch, and shot Jason's father in the side of his head.

That night, before bed, Jason was in the middle of his nightly prayer, when Jesus answered, "I did it because you wanted them dead."
"Yeah, but my dad was going to buy me ice cream!"
Jesus cackled maniacally.
"I hate you, Jesus!"