Thursday, June 23, 2005

through a child's eyes #11

Jason's father walked his son up the driveway and rang the doorbell. "Say 'trick or treat' when they open the door."
As the door opened, Jason cocked an arrow. "Give me all your candy, Asshole!"
"Jason!... I mean.. who are you again?" The man at the door drew some candy from a bowl.
"I'm Robin Hood!"
"Ahh, I should have known! Michael's inside if you'd like to see him."
Jason pulled the arrow back farther. "Give me my fucking candy first!!"
The adults chuckled, and Michael's father gave Jason his candy.

Michael ran up. "Hi, Jason!"
Jason's father smiled, "Wow, Michael... you look just like Jason - are you dressed as Robin Hood too?"
Michael shook his head vigorously. "I'm Peter Pan!"
The smile fell from Jason's father's face, as he looked accusingly at Michael's father. "Why don't you kids go play inside for a little while."

"What are you doing to this kid, Jim?"
Michael's father looked confused. "He's dressed as Peter Pan... what's wrong with that? Your kid's wearing tights too, so don't even think of bringing that up."
"Peter Pan's a sword wielder."
"No he's not, he..." Right then, it all began to hit him. "Oh my god, you're right."
"Shortswords even." Jason's father sighed, "He's only five, Jim - there's no telling what damage this could do."
The panic began to show on Michael's father's face. "I'll beat him extra hard tonight."
"I hope that'll be enough."

Michael ran up to his father sobbing.
"What's wrong, Son?"
"Jason said he was going to shoot me!"
Michael's father didn't jump to action as he normally would. "Why did he threaten to shoot you, Michael?"
With tears still running down his face, Michael replied, "I just wanted us to share our candy."
"Oh Jesus," Jason's father blurted out.
"Sharing?!" Michael's father's eyes began to water. "What have I done!"