Thursday, July 28, 2005

dogs and erections

So, I was taking a piss tonight in a wine bar, when I noticed that right above the toilet was a picture of a dog on two hind-legs. It was an artsy photograph, and it looked like the dog was howling or something, but since the dog was standing completely upright, and it was a male dog, I could see what was left of its genetilia. You see, the dog appeared to have been neutered, however, I could see the bulge of its flaccid penis sticking out from its hairy pelvic region. I know that it's only arousing to see a dog when it too is aroused, but none the less, I was taken aback and turned on, and began to gain an erection of my own. Naturally, this made the rest of the urination process difficult, as my dick wasn't necessarily cooperating, but I did my best to carry on, pissing as normal. My urine is of course now covering the seat of the toilet, which I'm sure is welcome to every chick that saw me before I sprayed it, but to those others.... rest assured, I'm moderately good looking.