Tuesday, July 26, 2005

through a child's eyes #15

Richie went on, "It's true, I swear!"
Jason couldn't believe it. "There's no fucking way that this butter is hand-churned."
"I don't know where you used to go to school, but this cafeteria has the best butter ever!" Erik spread some butter over a piece of toast, clenching his teeth to keep from laughing.
Becoming more serious, Richie leapt to his feet, knocking his chair over in the process. "Go see for yourself, Jason! They make it right there in the kitchen; I never lie."

Jason emerged from the kitchen with tears streaming down his face.
Erik was the first to point and laugh, and within seconds, the rest of the children had joined in.
"No school cafeterias hand-churn their butter, Stupid!" Richie had known all along.
Feeling the sting of defeat, Jason looked at the butter he'd snatched from the kitchen - frozen and pre-packaged. In a fit of rage, he threw the butter at Richie and screamed, "This cafeteria sucks!!!"

A few weeks later, Jason was allowed to leave class to visit Richie in the hospital.
Jason's jaw dropped when he entered the room. "Holy shit, you have your own T.V.?"
"Yeah," Richie said happily. "I get to lay here and watch cartoons all day long!"
"You don't have to do school crap at all?!"
"Nope! Both my legs and one of my arms are paralyzed... they say that I no longer have any potential worth nourishing."
Stomping his foot, Jason said, "You lucky asshole!"
"You did me a big favor by bruising my spine!" Richie cackled victoriously. "And the best part... because I'm an orphan, if I die, nobody will even notice! I'll never have to amount to anything!!!"
The fact that Richie was living like a king infuriated Jason. Grabbing a handful of butter from a bowl on the table, he attempted a more lethal snipe.
Richie laughed as the butter splattered against his skin. "That's hand-churned, Jason... way too soft for throwing. I don't use that shitty cafeteria butter anymore."

Jason's head was drooped over as he made his way back to school. "Only the lucky kids get paralyzed."