Wednesday, July 20, 2005

through a child's eyes #14

Mrs. Hawkins happened to be walking down the hall as the boy lunged at Jason with his knife. Quickly stepping back to maintain his distance, Jason threw his knife at the boy, who immediately fell to the floor. Mrs. Hawkins ran up, "Why aren't you two in class?!"
Jason answered first. "This asshole called me a jerk!"
Mrs. Hawkins frowned and looked at the other boy. "Okay, let's hear your side of it."
He attempted to answer, but the knife that was lodged into his throat made speech difficult.
Shaking her head and sighing, Mrs. Hawkins said, "When that bell rings, you two shouldn't be in the halls. Now, get to class!"
Jason yanked his blade from the other boy's neck and angrily walked down the hall.

"I said 'go'!!" Mrs. Hawkins was furious that the boy was still lying down when she'd given a direct order.
Ignoring her, the boy closed his eyes, squirting blood from his wound defiantly.
"Get up now, or I'll..." With tears quickly forming, Mrs. Hawkins turned her head and walked away; she hadn't realized until then that she had no real authority.