Saturday, July 16, 2005

friday night

I was walking home from the bar when I noticed a young child giving his father a high-five on the sidewalk. Inspired by the spectacle, I thought, "Dear Jesus, thank you for killing Luther Vandros... I know that we've had our differences, and that you took your sweet-assed time in getting the job done, but eventually, you finally got off your ass and killed that fuckhole. Amen."

Jesus, I owe you one... well... you owed me a big favor already, so I guess we'll just call it even. No, no... stop being so anal about this shit... we're even.

Midway through my journey, a cab was parked at a red light, and suddenly decided to inch forward as I walked by. Just after that, I saw a man with a white dress-shirt unbuttoned, but a clip-on tie was clipped on to one side of the unbuttoned collar. I immediately thought, "WHAT THE FUCK?" and realized that Jesus was fucking with me. "Don't you renege, asshole... no fucking renegging on my watch!"

Anyway, I finally got to this bitch's house, when she was doing her thing, and mid-way through, she said, "Yo, Baby... don't turn that Vandros shit off!"
"This fucker's finally dead... why do we have to listen to him?"
"When I hear his music, it reminds me of the Brothas... yo dick aint shit... Luther somehow makes you feel bigger and Blacker inside me."

The first thing that I thought was, "Hey, Bitch... don't resolve my random posts with recurring symbolism." Fucking whore.