Monday, July 11, 2005

through a child's eyes #13

William and Jason were playing with toy cars peacefully, when Jason's car went over an imaginary ramp and flew through the air.

Jason's mother rushed over to see why William was screaming. "Oh my god!! What happened?!"
"My car went over a ramp, and Willy got hit."
Grabbing Jason by the arm, she yelled, "Look what you did to him! Do you see where his face is smashed in?! That's not going to heal... he's going to be horribly disfigured for the rest of his life!!"
Being only three, Jason was too young to understand.
Jason's mother calmed down a little and made a stronger effort to explain. "Because of you, Willy is now a monster, and nobody will ever love him."
William's remaining eye widened as he heard those words.
Jason inquired, "So he can't come over anymore?"
"No, this house is for people, not monsters."
Angry with his mother for banishing William, Jason picked up his car and violently wiped the blood off of it.

A question burned so strongly in William's mind, that it momentarily overtook the pain. "Will my Mommy still love me?"
Jason's mother was overwhelmed with compassion. "No, Sweetie... not even her." She wanted to put her hand on William to make him feel better, but couldn't bear to touch the little freak.