Friday, July 01, 2005

through a child's eyes #12

The woman sat behind her desk, watching Mr. Chambers as he looked longingly at the bowl of jellybeans. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, she looked over at Jason. "So, young man... what brings you and your father to our school?"
Jason snarled. "He's not my dad."
Mr. Chambers began sifting through the top layer of jellybeans. "The boy shot his cousin; I was hired by the state to get him placed somewhere."
The woman's posture became more rigid. "We don't shoot people here. You're going to have to learn to resolve your conflicts in other ways."
Finding the situation uncomfortable, Jason reached for his gun.
"Give me that pistol, right now!" The woman was no fool.
Jason looked at Mr. Chambers for help, but he was occupied with the bowl. "Fine, here." Jason crossed his arms defiantly.

After locking the pistol up in her desk, the woman looked at Jason accusingly. "I won't tolerate firearms at my school."
"What if somebody pisses me off?!"
The woman leaned forward. "Have you ever tried talking to people?"
Jason didn't reply, but the look of frustration on his face gave him away.
"And if talking fails, there's always knifeplay." The woman pulled out a large knife and slid it across the desk to Jason.
"Knives?! Fuck that!" Despite his hatred of knives, he took the weapon in response to the woman's stern look.

The woman eyed Mr. Chambers fiercely. "Are you enjoying the jellybeans?"
Startled back into the conversation, Mr. Chambers answered with his mouth full. "Yeshh, shhank you."
"Does it bother you that he's eating all the red ones, Jason?" she said, continuing to watch Mr. Chambers dig through the bowl with his bare hands.
"Yeah!! I like the red ones!"
The woman nodded; everyone likes red jellybeans. "Why don't you stab him then?"
Barely listening, Mr. Chambers asked, "Whaa?"
Jason looked down at the knife, fighting the urge to kill him until he could reclaim his gun. "This knife crap is bullshit... I hate this school!!!"
"Well, if you're not going to stick him with that knife, you'd better ask him to stop."
It turned out that Jason had a fear of confrontation. After a long silence, he finally screamed out, "Stop eating all the fucking jellybeans, you fat retard!!!"
Suddenly embarrassed, Mr. Chambers removed his hand from the bowl, spilling jellybeans onto the table. "Ohh, I'm shhorry."
The woman leaned back in her chair and smiled at Mr. Chambers. "We'll accept Jason into our school."

Realizing that he'd have to go on without a gun, Jason was almost in tears.
As Mr. Chambers was picking stray jellybeans from the folds of his shirt, the woman leaned across the desk toward Jason. "Would you like to know a little secret?"
Jason nodded at her sadly.
"Big knives like that one are good for throwing." She slowly backed away from him, watching his face brighten with the realization of her words.
"Oh, fuck yeah... I'm going to slice the shit out of people!"
The woman smiled. "I think you'll fit in just fine around here."