Monday, January 03, 2005

Socrates' irony

Socrates was executed for 'corrupting the youth' in a society that encouraged pedophilia. I'm sure that he threw into a few young boys... I mean, who wouldn't?... but the concern was with what he was teaching them. Today it's the opposite - people are encouraged to get the youth riled up against the system, but for some reason, making sweet love to a child is illegal. Is that really what Socrates would have wanted?... all work, no play?

It's bad enough when you 'throw out the baby with the bathwater', but it at least makes sense from a certain perspective. In this case however, we've kept the bathwater, and thrown out the baby. What are you doing?! Ancient Greeks had a special love for babies!

Here's the only obvious solution: empower and guide the youth into fighting against statutory rape laws. It would then finally be acceptable to corrupt both the minds AND the bodies of children! Pretend I didn't just say that... I'm only trying to pave the way for Socrates' second coming.