Wednesday, April 20, 2005


The moon draws in and begs me to ask the question. What purpose is in my heart - what's the root of all this? What is it that I want for them?

I think that my distaste for humanity stems from my disappointment in it. It's not that I don't care, but more that my care has been defeated by their actions. I want them to find something, but I want them to do it themselves; my effort is in vain.

I believe that the most important thing that a man can do is to find his role in the universe, and to then fulfill it. These very words revisit my own search, but I find mine to be tied to that of the whole. This is a common revelation, but most use it to the end of needing others to reinforce their own beliefs; I don't need others to believe as I do - I weigh each man according to the standard by which he weighs himself. I don't care if he shares my beliefs... I care that he believes something and emulates it.

I want men of light to shine their brightest. I want men of darkness to embrace themselves and to lash out. I want men of balance to understand the beauty of the whole and to abandon their search for extremes. It's natural for every man to think himself right - I want each to stop doubting himself and to stop trying to fit a cultural standard... find something in this, be something.

Each man is but a child trying to find his place. On a larger scale, the whole of humanity is nothing but the same. The universe is restless, waiting impatiently for each piece to build itself into the puzzle; my desire is for this child to stop playing it safe, to stop trying to contain the very thing that grants it beauty.