Wednesday, April 27, 2005

through a child's eyes #4

After Jason's parents were killed, he was sent to live with his uncle and his family.

"Jason, how's your turkey?"
"It was good, but I'm full."
His uncle was astonished. "Your aunt went to a lot of trouble to make Christmas dinner. Now, finish what's on your plate."
"You guys gave me way too fucking much. I can't eat all that!"
"Your cousin, Lisa, ate all of hers..."
"Yeah, but she pukes it up right after!"
"Her bulimia is an expression of love, young man!"
Lisa pointed a frail finger at Jason and said, "Do what you're told, you little brat."
Jason pouted, "Fuck you guys, I'm full!"
Before they managed to get him to eat the rest of his food, Jason's aunt started crying. "Jason hates my turkey!"

While Jason's uncle tried to console his wife, Lisa scowled at her younger cousin. "Thanks for ruining Christmas."
She would have said more, but pointing fingers and scolding other children tends to wear her out very quickly.