Friday, February 11, 2005

this asshole busdriver

I was walking down the sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan, dodging through the crowd of pedestrians. There are no rules on the sidewalk - everyone goes at his own chosen pace, and walks on whichever side he chooses. Street vendors and tourists add to the fun by standing still, in the way of traffic. This is my favorite part of the day.

I was strategizing a maneuver to get past a lady who was walking slowly in front of me. She was holding the hand of her two-year-old son, looking down to talk to him as they went along. Children should be carried or dragged. This dumbass lady didn't seem to notice all the people scowling at her as they darted past.

I was still stuck behind her when a man, who was walking in the other direction, plowed into her. He casually watched her fall to the ground as he continued on his way. The kid wasn't hurt, but this lady fell right onto her ass; she instinctually let go of his hand, so she wouldn't take him down with her. Because she was in heels, it would take a moment to get back on her feet, especially with nobody giving her any room to get up. The kid took it upon himself to make use of the opportunity to walk into the street.

The approaching bus slammed its breaks, falling just a few feet short of killing the toddler. The kid's mother was so distracted with trying to get up, that she didn't even notice that he wasn't standing next to her, until the bus started honking. She cried, "Michael!" and sat there helplessly, in absolute horror.

The bus driver was letting his honks last for seconds at a time, and was inching up toward the kid, in an attempt to threaten him out of the street. As I ran out to snatch the kid up, the bus driver yelled out the window, "Teach that damn kid to use the crosswalk like the rest of us!" Sometimes I'm amazed at what dicks these people can be. I tried to yell back, "He's just a baby, you assfuck!" but my voice was drowned out by his horn.

As I placed the kid back on the sidewalk, I made sure to remain in the street, so that the bus couldn't yet proceed on its course. He was honking and yelling at me as I fiddled through my pocket to retrieve my camera. I wanted to get a good picture of this asshole, to submit to the transportation department. Unfortunately, you can barely see his face in this shot.